čtvrtek 28. června 2012

First part of Deši concert tour: Belgium, France

Tour de France.

Hello, friends and everybody who is interested in our experience from our concert tour we had in Belgium and France. We prepared a short report.
As a first thanks a lot to amazing people who help us.
Paul, Younes, Fabien, Lyonel, Sedric, Sharlen, beautiful person, thank you.

The first and the second concert was in Liége, nice city.
Thank you, Younes, thank you, Fabien. Merci beaucoup.
Les fous d'en face, Signor duck. Younes invited us to his concert too.

On sunday we play on market in Liége, and there we met a guy - Michael with
a special think. It was special camera, he invented a new way to make
great shots. It's patented already.

So we decided, we will make a music clip on the top of the mountain.
We climbed up, pick some shots, many times we played one song,
suddenly started rain, a storm. From this day Lukas was sick.

Paris - big pu-erh tea before concert on some small music club.
Thank you, Lyonel. Than sleeping in some smaller city near. Thank you Sedric.

One day on hi-way and we are in Toulouse. Both we are ill, but try to play
during the day.

Paul offered us his flat, and gone sleep to some friend! Paul, thank you.
He organized for us three concerts, but unfortunately was a big music festival
in the central garden, so we had not so much audience.
On the other hand, Charlenne and Marc come to support us so much.
We like that red color city, feeling like in the Espania.
Third concert was canceled. Eva cannot play. It was the worst day, but
next day everything started to be better.

In the end Paul organized one concert in comunity in St. Affrique for monday.
Clever boy.

One day we spent with Charlenne in countryside. You have so beautifful
countryside! Nice architecture.

Monday: as Paul arranged so we did.
He spoke about st. Affreque as a group of people like a permacultural society,
but they are mainly anarchist society. Small surprise. Their gardens
are very incomprehensible for me. I didn't find nothing I plant at home.
But the concert was nice thanks to many people. Maybe the best concert.

Than we went home. Threw the French coat, Italy, Hungaria etc.

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